iPayment Services is committed to unsurpassed customer service, accessibility, and convenience. Our commitment to you, the customer, goes beyond the industry “norm”. Maybe you’ve heard that line before, but our business principles put you first, all the time, every time. We expect all iPayment Services employees to be “heads up” to your needs. We help customers on the spot instead of shuffling you from department to department. We look forward to your calls and we strive to provide you with the very best possible service.
If you are are existing business who already accepts Credit Cards, and or Debit/ATM Cards, and or Checks we can show you how to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year on your merchant billing statements. If you are a new business we can probably save you 35% to 50% over what it would normally cost you to set up and maintain an account to accept Visa- MasterCard- Discover- American Express- ATM/Debit Cards and Personal Checks.
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